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A listing of Edis product datasheets, user manuals and videos for download or viewing


Description Support Product code Datasheet Manual Video
In-wall amplifier EA35 0110035 EA35 EA35 Video
Interactive whiteboad active speakers EA014 0110014 EA014 EA014
Lectern with Amplifier EA24 0110024 EA24
Sound Re-inforcement EA1144 0110044 EA1144
Hall Speakers Hall Speakers
Hall speaker bracket E40 0110040 E40
Ceiling Speakers E62 0110062 E62
Media Player EA1164 0110064 EA1164
Portable PA with DVD and 2 wireless mic EA38 0110038 EA38
Portable PA with DVD and wireless mic EA37 0110037 EA37
Power amplifier EA1128A 0110028v2 EA1128v2 EA1128
Power amplifier EA1148 0110048 EA1148 EA1148
Digital Power amplifier EA1153 0110053 EA1153
Digital Power amplifier EA1163 0110063 EA1163
Sound Bar EA52 0110052 EA52 EA52
Sound Bar EA54 0110054 EA54 EA54
Sound Bar EA56 0110056 EA56 EA56
Sound reinforcement IR Mic EA1133 0110033 EA1133
VHF wireless microphone EA26 0110026 EA26
Wall mounted active speakers 0110015 EA015 EA015
Wall mounted speakers E206 E206
Wall mounted speakers E31 0110031 E31 E31

Cable and Cable Kits

Description Support Product code Datasheet Manual Video
Fast-install Cabling System 0080010 Fast-install Video
EdisConnect Cable Kit 0080010 EC10
EdisConnect Modular cable kit 0080014 EC14 EC14
EdisConnect Single gang Modular cable kit 0080014 EC14B Video
EdisConnect Modular cable kit for USA EC14USA
EdisConnect Plug and Play Cable Kit Plug & Play Video
EdisConnect Push-Thru Cable Kit Video
Flatscreen Install Kit 0080034 EC34


Description Support Product code Datasheet Manual Video
Projector ceiling mount EP23 1.8m 0120023 EP23 EP23
Projector ceiling mount telescopic 0120024 EP24
Short throw projector wall mount 0120025 EP25

Other items

Description Support Product code Datasheet Manual Video
Edis AV Multi-media Cart 0010032 EF32
Edis Flatscreen Lift Flatscreen Lift