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Business related questions

How and where can I buy Edis products?

Edis designs and manufactures AV products and sells them through distributors to resellers and installers. Your position in the supply chain will determine how to buy from us as outlined in this link.

How is Quality of Edis products controlled?

We use ISO 9000:2008 as a basic quality Management System covering all aspects of our operations including design and control of manufactured goods and services. Third party laboratories are used for conformance testing to CE standards etc

What are the terms of sale when I buy direct from Edis?

Our terms are normally ex-works with FOB charges included in the price for complete container loads of product which includes loading goods on-board a vessel or aircraft, shipping charges (seafreight or airfreight etc) are paid by the buyer on a collect basis at the port of entry. Edis Trading (HK) Ltd terms of sale of goods are available on-line using this link these terms apply unless otherwise agreed in writing, please see the detailed terms in our quotations for the terms applying to a specific order such as shipment method, insurance and risk etc.

Can I buy Edis products with my own logo and branding?

Edis designed and branded products are not available as OEM products with your own branding but we do provide a limited service to source and control the manufacture of your own products, please see this page on our website where this is feasible and and fits with our business model.

Who owns the copyright and design rights to Edis products?

Copyright and designs of Edis products are wholly owned by Edis Trading (HK) limited with the added protection of design registration in many cases. This enables us to offer you some protection against others selling counterfeit or passing off Edis products in your market.

What happens after I place an order, how is shipping and delivery arranged etc?

After receiving your order we would invoice you for a 30% downpayment. Manufacture and inspection would proceed, we would then invoice you for the 70% final payment, we act as shipper and arrange shipping through your forwarding agent, or ours if you prefer, and then load the goods into a container and onto a vessel (container ship normally). We then provide you (or your local forwarding/clearing agent) with a full set of documents (3 originals and 3 copies) including Bill of Lading, Packing list and Commercial invoice which we send by courier such as DHL, TNT, UPS etc.. In Europe you would have to pay both the import duties (if any) and VAT to release the goods from customs. Using the shipping documents that we provide, your local agent would clear the goods through customs and arrange delivery to your premises.

How long would it normally take for goods to arrive after we place an order?

For container loads of product the normal manufacturing time is about 25 to 30 days, shipping time varies around the world but typically it takes 20-30 days sailing time to a main port in Europe. For smaller orders or Less than container loads the manufacture time is often extended so that we can aggregate orders and then consolidate containers. We have this year (2010) opened a new warehouse and some key products will be held in stock to service smaller orders of mixed goods in a containers.

How many of my goods will fit into a container?

We can provide you with an estimate and you can calculate full or mixed product container loads.

How much will it cost to ship goods to me?

Shipping costs depend on the port of destination, the size of the container and the distance to your premises. We can provide estimates for shipping charges but for clearance and delivery you would be best advised to talk to a local forwarding/clearing agent in your own country. Typical seafreight costs for shipping to Europe are US$2,000 for a 20' GP container and about US$3,500 for a 40' GP container. Costs vary according to time of year, fuel surcharges and to some extent exchange rates etc

How do I pay for goods from Edis?

Edis, and most Chinese suppliers, terms are 30% downpayment with order and 70% on completion of manufacture before shipment. Normally payment is by telegraphic transfer direct to our bank account.

Is Edis a reputable company?

Edis is a well established company registered in Hong Kong with a long trading record supplying major distributors with goods largely for the education market which meet the appropriate national and international quality and design standards needed. The company is owned by a British Chartered Electrical Engineer and run by British ex-patriate managers. The company complies with the accounting, government and legal regulations of Hong Kong SAR.

Do I need marine insurance for goods that I buy or is this included in the price?

Yes you need marine all-risks insurance for your purchases to cover from factory to your warehouse. If you have several shipments a year a single annual premium is a much lower cost than buying insurance for separate consignments (in our experience the annual charge is often the same as a single one-off consignment rate)

What taxes and import duties apply to goods that I buy?

All Chinese taxes and duties are normally included in the prices quoted by us for full container loads. Any import duties, VAT and clearance and delivery charges etc that must be paid at the port of entry are excluded from the prices quoted. We can help you with harmonized codes etc so that your clearing/forwarding agent can correctly assess the duties and taxes payable. See also Glossary of Customs terms

What recourse do I have for faulty goods?

We include a 12 month warranty on all our goods and longer on some items as stated in quotations. If you receive faulty goods a replacement will be provided either as replacement parts or replacement of the complete item which will be shipped with your next order depending on the nature of the fault. We would need details of the faults to help us with claims.

What support can I expect to sell Edis products?

We provide a wide variety of sales, marketing and technical support as outlined in this link.

How do I contact Edis?

You can contact us by email through this link, or by fax and telephone here.