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EA35 In-wall amplifier
The following products could be sold together with the EA35, as an alternative or may be connected to the amplifier

Edis related products these could be sold in addition or bundled with the EA35

Edis alternative amplifier products

  • Wall mounted active speakers (EA015)
  • Whiteboard active speakers (EA014)
  • EA52 Sound Bar
  • Standalone power amplifier 2x25 Watts (EA1128A)
  • Standalone power amplifier 2x120 Watts (EA1148)
  • Standalone power amplifier 2x150 Watts ((EA1153)

Third party products

  • MP3 player
  • DVD player
  • Laptop

These products need a suitable interconnect cable with Mini-jack connector at one end for the amplifier input ie Mini-jack to Mini-jack or Mini-jack to 2x RCA.