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A feature rich 30 watt In-wall digital amplifier available in three versions at attractive pricing compared with competitors. Sold against Nuvo WA-30 Classroom amplifier, Vision Techconnect Amp, Keene in-wall amplifier (KLAB20), OWI AMP1SGB, Yamaha MCXCA15S


  • Available as a module for the EdisConnect modular cable kits or as single gang or dual gang wall mounted amplifier
  • 2x 15 Watt RMS per channel stereo amplifier for 4Ω or 8Ω speakers (Peak power handling 26 watts per channel)
  • Two 3.5mm mini jack stereo inputs easily accessible on the faceplate for PC, microphone DVD, MP3 players etc
  • One 3.5mm mini jack flying lead stereo input at rear
  • DC power supply either internally connected module or external lap-top style.
  • External DC power supply has an extension cable which allows the power supply to be connected to the front or the rear of the amplifier (New feature for latest models only)
  • Speaker connections inside back-box for convenience and ease of installation
  • Single gang and dual gang versions are supplied with a back box ready for installation
  • Power supply: 240v or 110v mains power  (supplied with UK, EU, USA, Australian plugs or any other as specified)
  • Dado faceplate mount available (separate item)

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Unique Selling Points (or Unique Perceived Benefits)

The EA35 can be sold as single gang amplifier, dual gang amplifier with internal power supply or as a module which can be used with the whole range of EdisConnect cables or screw terminals.  

Unlike some of it's competitors it has:

  • Separate volume controls for each input - so the user can control a microphone over other sources and set levels individually
  • Separate inputs suitable for the PC and the microphones, MP3, or DVD players etc allow simultaneous use of microphone and other sources
  • External power supply connection on faceplate or at rear inside the back-box - several competitors products have problem of bringing the DC power cord out of the back box or trunking


  • Ideal for classroom, hotel room, meeting room or home use.
  • Ideal where space is limited or aesthetics demand a small size and wall mounting 
  • Very low power usage - "eco friendly" uses digital (Class D) amplifier and switched power supplies 
  • PC and Microphone can be used simultaneously
  • Speaker outputs are screw terminal at the rear of the unit inside the backbox so that wiring is concealed inside trunking
  • Can be used standalone or with other inputs as part of the EdisConnect cable kit

Packing list

EA35A (Module) EA35B (Single Gang) EA35C (Dual Gang)
  • Amplifier module
  • External DC power supply
  • DC extension cable (connects at rear)
  • Screwdriver
  • User manual
  • Amplifier module fitted to single gang faceplate
  • Single gang back box
  • 2x faceplate screws and covers
  • External DC power supply
  • DC extension cable (connects at rear)
  • 2x faceplate screws and covers
  • Screwdriver
  • User manual
  • Amplifier module fitted to dual gang faceplate
  • DC power supply fitted to faceplate
  • 2 metre Mains cable fitted with mains plug
  • Dual gang back box
  • 2x faceplate screws and covers
  • Screwdriver
  • User manual

Technical specification

Power output (RMS) 15 Watts x 2
Power output (Peak) 26 watts x 2
Output impedance 4Ω or 8Ω speakers
Frequency Response 50Hz~50kHz ± 3dB
Signal-to-Noise Ratio ≥ 60dB (MIC) ≥ 70dB (AUX) ≥ 65dB (MP3)
Input Sensitivity 5mV (MIC) 50mV (MP3) 600mV (AUX)
Input Impedance 10K (MIC) 47K (MP3) 47K (AUX) 47K (PC)
Supply Voltage DC 24V
Power Consumption 34 Watts
Back Box Dimension

Single 85mm(W) x 52mm(D) x 85mm(L)

Dual 145mm(W) x 52mm(D) x 85mm (L)

Amplifier depth  46 mm
Weight 229g

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