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EA1133 Classroom Sound Re-inforcement microphone system for classroom and meeting rooms using IR microphones into an existing amplifier
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EA1133 Sound Re-inforcementEA1133 Sound Re-inforcement

EA1133 Classroom Sound re-inforcement in the classroom is simple to achieve with the EA1333 IR system connected to an existing amplifier - a highly effective method of improving the attention and academic results of pupils and students.

The EA1133 Classroom Sound Re-inforcement Infrared Microphone system overcomes the problem of interference between systems in adjacent classrooms that are suffered by VHF wireless systems

A lightweight teacher microphone with a lanyard and clip is unobtrusive and easy to use.
The system is plugged directly into the existing classroom speakers systems, so saving additional expense.

The high sensitivity microphones use standard AA size rechargeable batteries which last for 6-8 hours continuous use. The microphones are identical so can be used by the teacher or pupils. Two channel selector and on/off switch included on microphone.


Classroom Sound reinforcement - Receiver Front Panel

Classroom Sound reinforcement - Receiver Rear Panel Connections

Classroom Sound reinforcement - Components included

  • 1x Receiver unit
  • 1x Receiver unit DC power supply
  • 2x IR Microphones with lanyards
  • 2x Infrared receiver sensor with 10m of cable each
  • 1x microphone DC charging stand
  • Power cables: Europlug or UK plug


Technical details

Input : 2x IR Receivers (for 2x Microphones)
Outputs : 2x RCA, 6.3mm microphone jack, 3.5mm Mini Jack
Transmission distance: 10m
Power supplies : AC 230V
Distortion: < 1%
S/N ratio: >80dB
Receiving angle: 120 °

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