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LCD Advert displays in a range of screen sizes frm 10.4" to 42" with digital memory cards
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A range of TFT LCD advert players, screen sizes from 10.4" to 42" built-in memory card reader.



LCD Advert Display 15inch LCD Advert Display 15inch LCD Advert Display 15inch




Can be used as an information provider or an advertisement display screen in supermarkets chainstores, drugstores, subway stations, hotels, lifts, offices and public areas or on-board various forms of transportation eg taxis, buses, trains etc. Nothing gets closer to the customer, or to the sale, than this player.


Safety lock function to prevent unauthorized access to the compact flash memory card. To change a new set of advertisements simply change content of the memory card. Memory card from 128MB to 2GB. Just copy multimedia files to the memory card from a  computer.


Totally digital electronic – no wear and tear, vibration-proof and extremely reliable.


Typical Features

  • Available in metal cabinet with built-in speakers
  • Supports video Ad files such as MPEG-1, MPEG-4, VCD, DVD.
  • Supports common audio files such as MP3, AWA, etc.
  • Supports photo files formats such as JPEG, BMP, GIF,
  • Supports photo file formats of common digital equipment.
  • Plays memory cards such as CF, SD and removeable hardware.
  • Continuous play of video Ads or view pictures in a variety of modes, one by one, by slide music,
  • Photos can be viewed either up and down, or left-to-right.
  • Repeat mode: a single song or file, folder or complete memory card can be repeated.
  • The player can be timed to come on weekly, daily or at a given time in the day.
  • PIR detection available to turn on the player when movement detected returns to sleep mode when idle.
  • Several Ad players can play the same file in synchronization.
  • The operating software uses Microsoft Windows .
  • Image support : PC, AV, S-Video, TV and USB interface.