See our article here why normal classroom touchscreens suffer from 3 major design failings that create poor quality sound in a classroom setting and how a well designed soundbar recovers the situation at low cost 

  • the speakers in a Touchscreen are usually too small,
  • the amplifier power is often only 7 to 12 watts per channel
  • and the small eliptical speakers don't face the front so that 80% of the sound energy and about half the volume is lost in the touchscreen casing  and since speakers are directional the sound travels sideways it's very important that the speakers point to the front towards the audience.

The Edis EA125 Classroom Soundbar is designed to overcome the poor audio quality of many touchscreens so that every pupil in a class can hear clearly and improve their learning abilities 

The EA125 Soundbar is a High performance, Low cost, 40 watt Soundbar with an amazing 105 dBA output for Classrooms, Meeting rooms or any application to boost sound levels for a touchscreen, monitor or TV with Bluetooth, FM Radio, SD Card, USB, and 2x mini Jack inputs, IR remote control with Volume, Bass and Treble and manual controls for media player.

Complete with wall mounting brackets and input cable for easy installtion with only 2x screws

Other Great Benefits

  • Easy to install with just two screws - Low cost DIY solution
  • The EA125 Soundbar includes Bluetooth player, FM Radio, USB and SD Card input in addition to normal audio 3.5mm mini Jack connection - so you can send music from a mobile phone, connect to Radio programmes, use a USB drive to play content or connect to a PC or other audio source using cable
  • Play music or lesson content direct from an iPhone or smartphone, PC, Laptop or tablet. Supplied with Remote control, Aux Mini Jack-Mini jack input cable and wall brackets RCA- Mini Jack cable for connection to a PC, mobile or other inputs

Designed with classroom safe steel grilles and wall mounts - steel grilles are supplied as normal for classroom use as added protection from damage by pupils Click here for full specification