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Digital Signage Players - Android and Microsoft Windows based digital signage players for stunning signage displays

Software for Android and Windows based digital signage players

Edis digital signage kiosks include a built-in signage player with WiFi and ethernet network connections with choice for operating systems (Android,Windows or Linux) and a choice of kiosk software to provide content for users to obtain information or conduct a transaction. Our Kiosks include multi-touch touchscreens as an option.

LCD Touch Screen displays with built-in DVD player or digital memory - full range of touch screen and kiosk systems

Digital Signage

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4k M1000 0009


LCD Display technology for Digital Signage

CMS woth title


An introduction to modular LED displays

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The Basics of using Content Management Systems for Digital Signag

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How and where to place Digital Signage for best effect

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 A guide to creating medi for Digital Signage


These guides are frequently updated - the master documents are held for download on this webpage so please check that your guide is the latest version by downloading again



LED wall Frame 01

LED Wall frame

Wall mounting frame for LED cabinets

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