These are popular Education items but by no means all and represent an example rather than the full range found on other pages or by request.

EC175 028

EC175 Track & frame AI Webcam

1080P 60 fps AI hand gesture tracking, framing & FOV LED ...

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LCD frameless Monitor01

LCD frameless Monitor

Frameless Classroom Monitors

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class webcam cart

Classroom Track & Frame Remote Learning Cart

Trrack and Frame camera cart with touchscreen for Zoom & ...

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Flatpack Laptop Charger Cart 035

Flat Packed Laptop Charger Carts

24 bay to 36 bay laptop charger carts

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Laptop Charger Trolley 13

Laptop Charger Cart

Laptop Charger Trolley options for 14 " and 15.6" laptops

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EC155 4k track & frame AI camera

4k AI tracking for classrooms, meetings and presentations

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Wood AV Cart 102

Wood AV Cart 102

Versatile mobile AV Cart with sliding shelves and lockable ...

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EM1000 All in One 4k Tracking Video & Sound Bar

4k PTZ Video Camera with Sound and Video Tracking

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B29 011

B29 Teacher Tracking PTZ camera

Wide angle 16x Zoom Teacher Tracking Camera

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EC83 04

EC83 Webcam

720P or 1080P Webcam Fixed Focus single microphone with ...

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Swan neck visualiser 4

Goose Neck A3 5Mp Visualiser 

5 Mega pixels, Auto Focus A3 visualisaer

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EC105 Front

EM105 All in One Mobile Huddle Camera

All in one moble conference camera with mic and speaker

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