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360 Auto Rotate and Vertical Tracking Mobile Phone holder

Mobile phone stand 900 C

Automatic rotational tracking mobile phone stand with 360° real-time horizontal tracking and 45° automatic vertical tracking. Built-in automatic face tracking, dual axis head drive, with wide-angle camera, automatically captures face and follows your face movement in whatever position - it will always follow you.

Wifi and Wired Pro-Conferencing Systems

WiFi Conferencing

The Edis WiFi speakerphone conferencing system and the Wire version are large scale professional conference systems with individual speakerphone units for up to 300 speakerphones with full voting systems and online conferencing.

Are you ready for the VOIP takeover ?

EV16 900

VOIP will overtake landline telephones as the telephone companies replace copper networks with VOIP systems over the next 2-3 years and stop providing landline services.

If VOIP is not in your main line of business but more or a new opportunity for you we will support you to assist with sales, marketing and technical assisance etc for you and your customers


LED Displays and Videowalls to entertain you

LED Display Frame

We get a real thrill providing these larger LED Displays and videowalls, everything you need is included - modules, steelwork and controllers for fantastic vivid colour

We have a good range of indoor, outdoor and rental displays with pixel range from P1 to P10 plus large LED screens of 100" plus 


Large up to 300 delegates WiFi Conference System

Wireless Microphone Conferencing System banner 900

For large meetings greater than 12 and up to 300 wifi or 4,000 wired speakerphones

Having added our WiFi Conference Ststem to our portfolio we can now service every virtual meeting and conference activity from basic or tracking webcams for personal use to huge wireless system for large meetings and events

4K Sports Action Cameras

Sports Action Cameras blog

See our new range of Sports Action Cameras incliding our top of the range 4K 60 fps 20 mega pixel anti-shake dual display camera with 30m waterproof case with WiFi, 64 GB TF card and all accessories

Don't be caught short for School Installs over the Summer Holidays

Edis Product Banner 4

Many school ICT and safety products will be in demand but also in short supply due to Covid causing a lack of school access this year but everything changes during the Summer Holidays. The government is also promising funds to assist the future of pupils in catching up.
Our education products could be your answer to winning contracts and making bigger margins than ever before

EC155 4k AI track & frame Camera for the classroom & presentations


Our EC155 4K track and frame AI camera makes online streaming the ultimate plug and go device for classrooms, meetings and presentations see our video