Audio 450

Edis Audio visual - Amplifiers, Classroom speakers, wall mounted classroom amplifiers, portable amplifiers

Audio systems for home, classroom and corporate users

Analogue and digital amplifiers, in-wall, standalone or rack mounted for meeting rooms, classrooms, halls, pubs, places of worship and outdoor events. Power outputs 20 Watts to 2,000 Watts per channel

Edis Classroom speakers are active speaker systems for the classroom and meeting rooms - have built-in amplifiers and connect directly to sound sources without needing a separate amplifier so require less cabling.

Edis Classroom speakers have greater fidelity, less intermodulation distortion (IMD), higher dynamic range and greater output sound pressure level (SPL) than passive speakers. They are easier to use as all cross-over technology is built-in and fixed.

Wall mounted, ceiling mounted,free standing and column speakers for indoor and outdoor use Suitable for individual amplifiers or major PA systems Speakers for schools, classroom speakers, meeting rooms, school hall speakers, Pubs, Places of Worship Events etc

Portable amplifier audio systems and megaphones for school, business, sports, indor and outdoor activities

A range of megaphones to suit most situations

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