We actively promote the Edis brand and Edis products to buyers, installers, schools, colleges and universities on the internet.

If you sell our products please ensure that you make the Edis brand and product codes visible to gain most benefit - we send several thousand e-mails to buyers and educational users every month promoting Edis and this should bring new business to you.

Be aware that some distributors promote Edis products as if they were OEM products and add their own brand, product names and product codes to information depicting Edis goods on their websites.

You may see Edis products on websites with the brand names of Sahara, Traulux and even Vision - if you are selling Edis products under these names, or others, you will lose the advantage of our promotional activities aimed to increase your sales -  these sales are likely to be lost to those who promote the Edis brand and Edis product keywords

If you use the Edis brand name, product codes, descriptions, short names and keywords you will be found by those searching for Edis products on the internet.

If you need any help or support to update your product information please don't hesitate to contact us or If you need Edis Logos and product photographs these are all available on the Edis On-line Photo Gallery(you will need your password confirmed to access the gallery - please email me if you have any difficulties)