Follow the manufacturer's instructions in the projector manual, which may also include cleaning the filters etc.

Safety First

Projector lamps are extremely hot when running and take a long time to cool down, most also contain mercury vapour which is a dangerous and very toxic chemical, follow these simple rules to avoid injury to yourself and others

Useful Fitting Tips and the Basic Steps

Do not touch the glass bulb or the reflector surface of the new lamp. Natural oils and sweat from your hands, at the extreme, can cause the glass bulb to shatter (or explode) when it gets hot and can also reduce the brightness of the image as impurities burn into the glass surface of the bulb or the metallic surface of the reflector.

Use a dry, lint free cloth to clean the lamp bulb or reflector surface if they are touched by accident.

  1. Turn the projector OFF by depressing the power button on the projector or remote control, if the projector is in use, (do not remove the power cord until the projector has turned itself off after a cooling period)

  2. Allow the projector to cool down for a further 30 - 45 minutes until the lamp inside is cool.

  3. Disconnect the projector from the mains power cable

  4. Remove the screws on the lamp compartment and remove the cover

  5. Remove the fixing screws from the lamp module

  6. Remove the lamp slowly and with care.

  7. Clean filters and other items as described in the user manual
  8. Insert the new lamp carefully without touching the bulb or reflector surface, 

  9. Tighten the screws on the lamp (do not over tighten), 

  10. Replace the lamp compartment cover and tighten the screws on the cover.

  11. Reconnect the power cable and turn the projector on to check that it is working and to reset the lamp hour counter (as appropriate).

Counter Reset

On many models the lamp hour counter MUST be reset through the projector menu. Resetting the hour counter also resets the "ballast" for the new lamp.

Old Lamp Disposal

Check the requirements for disposal of the old projector lamp in your country. The projector bulb contains a small amount mercury vapour, and in many countries the disposal of mercury vapour lamps requires a licensed operator to take the lamp for processing and final recovery of it's materials depending on the quantity of mercury involved