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EA1124 50 Watt stereo amplifier with USB, SD card and Bluetooth options
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EA1124U Front PanelEA1124U Front Panel with USB/SD card input

A small footprint high output stereo amplifier for meeting rooms and classrooms, clear crisp sound at budget price with USB, SD Card and Bluetooth input on the EA1124U version

50 Watt RMS amplifier with 150 watt peak output with an amazing >100 dBA Sound Pressure Level (SPL) at 1 metre pink noise test on 4" speakers
2x RCA inputs, 2x 6.3mm microphone jack inputs, 2x main speaker and 3 aux speaker outputs and with the EA1124U option : USB, SD card and Bluetooth input with IR remote control, 

Includes :

  • 1x RCA-RCA audio cable
  • 1x RCA-Mini jack audio cable
  • IR remote control (for USB/SD Card and Bluetooth option EA1124U) controls volume and track selection on SD card player and on Bluetooth device
  • User manual

(Product code EA1124U with option of USB and SD card and Bluetooth player SKU: 0110124U)

  • Load impedance: 4-8 Ohm
  • Frequency response: 20Hz-30kHz±0.5db
  • Signal to noise ratio: 95db
  • Input voltage:350mv(line input) 25mv(microphoe input)
  • USB option supports: USB, SD and Radio inputs
  • Out power: 50w RMS 150w peak
  • Size: 252*200*70mm


10 per carton 55x28x48 cm carton gross weight 24 kg


Used with our  2.4 GHz Wireless lapel mic this versatile fully featured bluetooth stereo amplifier provides the flexibility and high level output needed for any classroom or meeting room acoustics at a budget price