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In-wall classroom amplifier EA35C 30 Watt full stereo in wall amplifier for classroom speakers and meeting rooms
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EA35C In-wall Amplifier - Dual GangEA35C In-wall amplifier

The EA35 In-wall classroom amplifier is a versatile 30 Watt full stereo amplifier with 15 watts RMS (26 Watts max) per channel for classrooms and meeting rooms.

The EA35 In-wall classroom amplifier is supplied as a stand alone amplifier in single or dual gang versions or as a modular amplifier that is inserted into an Edis Fast-install dual gang Cable Kit having up to 3 Snap in modules for projector video cables, USB etc. with internal or external power supply

The EA35 In-wall classroom amplifier is suitable for use with 2 or 4 8ohm speakers, so ideal for 2 front mounted speakers like the E206 or 4 ceiling mounted speakers like the E62


  • A full 30 Watt stereo In-wall amplifier in a single gang wall mounted back box
  • The Class D digital amplifier and switching power supply uses minimal power and low heat dissipation making it ideal for in-wall applications
  • Two mini jack inputs on the front panel
  • PC input - for computer connection
  • Input for other devices including microphone (suitable for sound reinforcement systems)
  • Switched input selector balanced for
    • Microphone (Wireless or Infrared)
    • MP3 player
    • Aux - line input for DVD player etc
  • Speaker outputs are screw terminal at the rear of the unit inside the back box so that wiring is concealed inside trunking.
  • DC Power via an internal power supply 100-240v AC
  • Wall mounted or ceiling mounted speakersavailable as option

On pink noise test the EA35 using our E75 speakers had very impressive, sound pressure output levels (SPL)

PC input:     94 dBA
Mic Input :  98 dBA at 3/4 volume
MP3 input:  98 dBA
Aux input:   80 dBA

The mic input has a 5mV sensitivity whilst the Aux has 600mV so this amazing amplifier has an enormous dynamic range.  Users can choose an input socket and switch setting to suit almost any source of input

Dimensions :

Faceplate 146x86 mm

Amplifier depth 45mm

Back box depth internal 46mm external 51mm

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This article about Litherland High School, finalists in AV Awards 2011, shows how the EA35C became a classroom winner