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Single and dual Wireless UHF/BT 5 microphone
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Multifunction control microphone

Light and portable UHF wirekess mic with Bluetooth connection in receiver for a mobile phone etc , mic  functions control key on the microphone body make for very convenient operation. 30m long  distance transmission, UHF frequency band signal transmission on startup, anti-interference. BT receiver can recieve signal from other sources like a mobile phone and mix mic and other source together.


Wireless Microphone 06






Multi-device compatibility

Devices with Bluetooth interface can be connected to the receiver at same time as wireless microphone.






Metal anti-fall net head

The metal mesh cover effectively protects the sound pickup core and prevents damage.






Bluetooth can be connected with devices with Bluetooth transmitting function such as mobile phones, computers and TVs, and transmit accompaniament or music direct to the receive and then transmit the accompaniament and vocals to the audio equipment through the receiver for playback, avoiding cumbersome wiredconnections.

Available as a single microphone or as 2 microphones and single receiver

Single mic  : SKU 0111023-10-1

Dual mic : SKU 0111023-10-2




Built-in lithium battery


Battery life

about 8 hours


0.8 kg


303 * 192 * 60 mm

Frequency band UHF
Signal to noise ratio > 70dB
Distortion < 0.5%
Operating frequency band 50 * 2
Frequency response 50-18 kHz
Delay > 3 ms
Reception distance 30 m


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