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2x 2.5 Watt USB Desktop speakers
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EA133 5 Watt USB desktop speakers are superb for working from home providing clear speech and high quality sound. The thick three-layer piano paint creates a stunning finish and improved speaker life and sound, two speakers fit snuggly either side of your laptop or monitor.


EA133 05

EA133 01






1.5-inch high-fidelity horn speakers with high-performance black silk cover







The power amplifier IC creates excellent quality sound and higher power output levels

EA133 04



EA133 03






the non-slip, shock absorbing, environmental protection base cushions the sound which enhances sound quality.



EA133 06

USB Desktop Speakers

Output power 2.5W*2
Load current 600mA
Power supply USB 5V
Wire length About 130 cm
Length of wire between speakers 93cm
Loudspeaker impedance
Product size 6.5*5.4*13cm
Horn size Diameter 5cm, height 2cm
Speaker Specification 4Ω 3W
weight 240g


Carton size 54.5*29*62cm 



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