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Edis Fast-install Audio Visual cable kits with snap-ins, faceplate and back-box (AV cable sets sold separately)
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Edis Fast-install cable kits - simple modular system for audio visual terminated cables

Single gang and Dual gang audio visual cable kit for audio, video, and data cables


Supplied in two parts :

Fast-install Kit (faceplate and backbox)

Fast-install cable sets (Audio, video and data cable sets)


The Fast-install cable kits includes:

Fast-install Audio Visual Faceplate.

  • Surface or flush installation using a backbox or in Dado trunking, desk or floor box
  • Dual gang faceplates accept six "snap-ins" for cables

  • Single gang faceplates accept three "snap-ins" for cables


Fast-install "Snap-in"

  • "Snap-ins" accept mini-Jack, RCA or S-Video terminated cables in any mix or combination of positions.
  • "Snap-in" are true snap-in without screws to fix to the faceplate
  • Low cost, fast and very easy to install


Fast-install Back Box

  • The back box has a sliding cable entry so that cables can be fitted without threading through the backbox.
  • Fast and easy to install
  • Single gang and dual gang
  • 49mm outside depth (46mm inside)



Easy disposal, eco-friendly blister packs

Single Gang           Dual Gang


Amplifier option

EA35 In-wall amplifier module

EA35 Modular 25W + 25W Stereo amplifer

Can be used standalone or as a module fitted into a dual gang plate with "snap-in" and Fast-install cables or screw terminal modules

Fast-install Cable sets

  • Fast-install cables fix directly to "Snap-ins" with two screws
  • Cables are supplied in black or white sheaths with low smoke zero halogen or PVC sheath compound as required
  • Supplied in ECO-friendly disposable bag with velcro fastener - easy to carry both cables and kit


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