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USB HDMI Docking station with 3x USB 3 ports 1x HDMI, USB C power in port, TF/SD drives - the companion docking statiom for our Convene range of Huddle room conferencing systems that enable you to simple connect the USB 3 connector (with or without USB A convertor) to your laptop using just one cable for a complete huddle solution.




TF mobile phone card /SD camera card dual card slot

Solves the problem of reading card without card slot for MAC Book/ Ultrabook, and upgrades the heat dissipation with integrated all-aluminum and gold material. The heat generated inside can be quickly exported to the product surface for effective heat dissipation, and the transmission is more stable.

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Operating temperature ≤40°

Hard disk +PD fast charge + HD video playback 24 hours, with three USB3.0 interfaces, can connect U disk, mouse, keyboard, mobile keyboard, etc



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Same screen/expanded dual mode

The same screen mode: the large screen display on the laptop is more shocking; Expansion mode: small screen surfing the Internet, large screen watching movies, complementary interference, 4K×2K ultra clear resolution.


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