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Touch Screen for classrooms and meeting rooms with built-in speakers, classroom Software, wall mount and PC option
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Crystal clear, anti-glare, interactive touch screens designed for the classroom with Two Touch Workbook teacher friendly classroom software, built-in 30 Watt amplifier and speakers for classroom use and a wall mount bracket also available with built-in PC option

Edis Touch screens use the stable, well proven and robust IR touch technology that has been around for many years and used in the design of several Interactive Whiteboards

Edis Touch screens use very high quality LCD panels with no full pixel errors and a maximum of 5 sub-pixel errors including bright and dark errors which exceeds the ISO Class 2 requirements with most panels better than Class 1


The multi-touch touch screen technology from Edis is now a lower cost to purchase than a projector and interactive whiteboard and a staggering 80% lower cost over the lifetime of the product when maintenance and replacement lamps are taken into account.


Edis Touch Screens are very fast and easy to install so reducing the cost of an interactive classroom installation, there is very limited cabling, a simple "key slot" wall mount fixing so that several classroom installs can be completed in a day without the "hassle" involved in setting up a projector and installing an interactive whiteboard.


Edis Touch Screens use 2 point multi-touch technology (with options for 4, 6 8 or 10 or more) and works with Windows XP, Vista and Win 7 and is suitable for new and older school PCs and Laptop/notebooks (unlike some systems which only support multi-touch on Microsoft Windows 7) 


Includes a built-in media player, just plug-in your USB device and play Videos, Music, view picture albums and text documents


Use Wi-Fi to connect your Edis Touch Screen to an iPad for the ultimate interactive experience


Includes Two Touch Workbook classroom software this total touch screen solution for the classroom at lower price and, in many areas exceeds the function, performance and looks of other similar products (can use Win XP with multi-touch, built-in audio, includes browser, concept mapping, on-board video, resource finder and can access content from other suppliers systems and includes a complimentary wall mount bracket


Technical details


Edis Touch Screen Multi

LCD with 2, 4 or 6 point multi touch interactive screen technology

42", 55", 60" 65" 70" or 82" diagonal screen viewing area

Full HD display SXGA 1080p

Resolution 1920x1080

4mm Anti-glare tempered glass

Aspect ratio 16:9

Response time <5ms

Contrast ratio:> 5,000:1

Brightness >500cd/m2

Viewing Angle 178°

Video input: 1xVGA, 2xHDMI, 1x YPbPr (component video), 1x S-Video, RCA composite video,

TV aerial input

USB input for media player

Video output: 1xVGA

Audio input 3.5mm mini jack, 2x RCA

Audio output 3.5mm mini jack, 2x RCA

30 Watt Classroom amplifier built-in with 2x 15w speakers


Pens (used where better definition than finger touch is required)

workbook50 Two Touch Workbook Interactive classroom software (included)


alt        Snowflake software (option)


Multi-touch touchscreen works with Windows XP, Vista or Win 7
Shell material : Attractive contoured aluminium magnesium alloy surround with ABS back for good looks and robustness
Supplied with a wall mount for mounting the touch screen on a wall which can also be fitted to Edis Digital Display Stand or Edis electric flat screen lift


Accessory pack includes:
Remote control with batteries
UK and Euro mains plug, 1.8m long

VGA cable 5m

USB cable, 5m

Audio Cable with 3.5 mini jack 5m

USB to RJ45 extension balun

Software and CD with plugins

Wall mount

2x Stylus pens

Dimensions:  800x1330x130mm (hxwxd)
Viewing area:  680x1209mm (hxw)

Rear mounting hole spacing 754x501mm
Nett Weight:  52kg

Gross weight 70 Kg


Edis Touch Screen with PC

Touch screen as above fitted with integral PC


PC Specification


Windows 7 64 bit Professional OEM

CPU IntelE5700 3.0GHz

2Gb DDR memory
6 in 1 card reader
Blu-ray DVD ROM
HDMI output
VGA output
DVI-D output
LAN x 2
Wireless 802.11 b/g/n
USB x 5
Audio output x 1
Microphone input x 1


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