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Xibo Signage Software for Android clients and php server
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Media Support for lots of different types!

Xibo supports most types of media you might want to use and we have made it as easy as possible to add.

Library Media

Media that exists in the Library is media that you have uploaded into the CMS, such as Video or Image files. You can access the library at any time and get a clear list of files you have uploaded.

Layout Media

Some media only exists on a Layout, for example a RSS Ticker or piece of text.

Simple configuration.

Xibo is designed to be as simple to get up and running as possible, whether in the Cloud or On-premise.

It all fits together with ease.
Content Management System

The Xibo CMS is a PHP/MySQL web application which can run on Windows/Mac or Linux. It is the central administration interface for the display network (if its a network of 1, or 1000).

Signage Players

In Xibo signage players are referred to as a Displays. A Display is a TV or projector which will be used to show content. Xibo will run on a PC behind the Display, communicate with the Xibo CMS and display it's schedule.


Xibo client and server overview