OCR word recognition

Have you ever encountered such trouble in the office, the file stock is huge, it takes a day to find a data. The scanned written content is automatically converted to Office series formats, and the text can also be recognized and automatically saved as Office files.


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Supports multi-media shooting

No unbinding needed just direct scan your documents, books, etc. The format supports A3, A4, A5, and A6. Express bill bar code and commodity TWO-DIMENSIONAL code can be easily identified and displayed. Character text can be directly extracted, and all kinds of scanning code system can be connected with SDK secondary development.






Automatic deviation correction, one key clipping

When scanning electronic files, it automatically corrects the deviation caused by poor placement. It can also cut off the excess white edge with one key stroke to keep the paper neat and tidy. After scanning one side of the page, it only takes a flick of the page to put together two sides of the content.

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