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9.6" Android Tablet for the classroom
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This is "The Classroom Tablet" - selected for it's classroom relevant specification, features and price. Exceptional value with capacitive touch screen and fully supported  and a full range of accessories. Choice of single core or dual core processor.

These Android Tablets are ably suited for classroom use and enable you to equip three to four classrooms for the cost of one classroom of iPads


An Android tablet offers most of the advantages of PCs common in many classrooms especially when used with a keyboard and mouse but they also add new capabilities:

The touchscreen allows users to "draw" using a finger or stylus. It is possible to draw with a mouse but drawing with a stylus is much easier for most people. A Tablet can be used in landscape or portrait modes. Very convenient for material that may have been originated in portrait format like most books. Tablet are ultra-light with a long battery life. They are very portable and especially good for field work away from the classroom. Versions of most popular applications are available for tablets, without the need for lengthy training sessions.

Built-in Digital cameras produce a powerful data collection and annotation tool for subjects like architecture, art or biology and science. The microphone can capture audio data.

The combination of an Android tablet with control apps (software) to prevent pupils from abusing their use provides not only a great opportunity to reduce the cost of supplying printed books but also to provide a very adaptable classroom tool.


9.6''  5 Point Touch Capacitive Panel Sofia-3GR Quad core

  • LCD:9.6'' IPS LCD 5 points Capacitive
  • Resolution: 800*1280 HD pixel
  • O.S:Windows8
  • Hard Disk:64GB flash
  • Support external 3G module
  • Support WIFI:802.11b/g/n
  • Camera:2.0MP /8.0MP
  • Slot list:TF * 1 (Max:32GB), Mini USB * 1, Microphone in * 1


Keyboards - USB or Bluetooth, Hubs and adaptors for VGA, Ethernet, USB hubs, USB ODT adaptors, Docking stations, 16 and 32 tablet Chargers, Carry bags and cables


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