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Attractive alumininium "flip up" desk mounts with wide choice of configurations
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Desk outlets

Desk outlets

These attractive aluminiun outlets are designed for direct mounting into the desktop. The outlet opens and closes by pressing on the top panel. Cables pass through the top to a cable management box below the surface.  ED21 front shown above and typical rear view below with connectors. SKU 0410021

Typical base of unit with connections

Standard model (optional):

Universal power socket :220V 10A
1 VGA connector
2 Network cable: Cat5e
3 RCA connectors:Video, Audio-L, Audio-R,F/F
1 3.5 mini Jack stereo
1 Lamp
1 Input select switch

Dimensions :190 mm*162mm* 149mm




  • Choice of sockets available on all four faces
  • Faceplate "Pops-up" when touched on top surface
  • Provided with short cables with Female to Female connectors for connection under desk
  • SKU 0410022


LGT 801


  • Choice of Modular sockets
  • Facepate "pops-up" when button pressed
  • Cables terminate directly on connectors at back of sockets
  • SKU 0410023

LGT 901


  • Larger version of above with dual modular connectors
  • SKU 0410024


  • Flip lid Desk mount
  • Faceplate version with connectors provided
  • Flying lead version with loose cables that extend to connect to equipment
  • SKU 04100325

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