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USB Keyboard for Android PC or Tablet
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Adjustable the folding bracket to make typing easier

Adjustable bracket to change tilt Angle, more ergonomic use and reduces operational fatigue.


USB Keyboard and Mouse18


USB Keyboard and Mouse5





Liquid backflow design is safe and waterproof

The Keyboard base is designed with a number of drainage holes, when the keyboard is dowsed with tea or coffee with a gentle shake the liquid can be eliminated from keyboard drain sink, wipe clean and can continue to use.





Plug and play, support a variety of operating systems

No driver, plug and play, support a variety of operating systems.

USB Keyboard and Mouse3


USB Keyboard and Mouse6
USB Keyboard and Mouse2


The buttons are comfortable and clearly visible

Frosted surface texture key cap, effective anti-skid, feel better. The key characters are painted with high quality and covered with protective coating so that they are still visible after long use.


USB Keyboard and Mouse11

Color black
Type wired
Transport cable

Multimedia key

The key number 104 key
Interface USB
Line length 150cm
The keyboard size 438x135x22mm
Weight of the keyboard 380±5g
The mouse size 108x70x42mm
The mouse weight 69±5g
Packing size 535x157x45mm
Weight 400±5g(including cable)
Size 440x139x24mm
Keys 104keys
Keycap UV silk screen characters
Cable 1.5m plastic cored cable
Voltage DC 5V±5%
Current 100mA
Weight 65±5g(including cable)
Size 120x63x40mm
Keys 3 keys
DPI 1200
Cable 1.1m plastic cored cable
Voilage DC 5V±5%
Current 100mA



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