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26,800 mAh Solar powered battery bank for Laptop and cordless mobile charging
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Provides IC protection for overload, over-discharge, over-voltage, over-current and short-circuit.Certified with CE / FCC / RoHS.  A waterproof case protects against rain, dirt and shock while meeting the various charging requirements for outdoor travel. 


Solar Battery Bank 012




26,800 mAh power bank especially for outdoor use

Best choice for resources of emergency power. Truly cable-free and tangle-free. You do not have to worry anymore when the power goes out. Run your laptop for 8 hours or more


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Solar Battery Bank018
Solar can be charged with a 5V / 2A adapter (with two 5V / 3.1A USB outlets, a 5V / 2A micro USB fast charging port and a brand new 5V / 2A quick charge port of the type C). Type C port can be input and output) or solar. The solar panel is primarily intended for emergencies.






Solar Battery Bank017
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Multi-functional LED Lights

Super Llight 18 LED flashlights is a perfect outdoor companion. With Strong/Weak Lights-flash-S0S mode, it leads you through darkness and emergencies as lifesaver.


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