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Wall or desk mout detects CO2, smoke alarm and measures temperature and humidity
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Dual channel vents, real-time detection of carbon dioxide, smoke, temperature and humidity.


CO2 Smoke and Monitor05




CO2 Smoke and Monitor04





Wall Mount or Desk Mount design

Desk or wall mount with multi-angle view (not restricted by backlight) with 2 metre  data cable, 24 hours detection  







Real-time detection and fast measurement

Carbon dioxide range: 0-5,000 PPM Resolution: 1 PPM

CO2 Smoke and Monitor066



Combo CO2 and Smoke Alarm Detector

Place of use home, classroom, Office, gym, factory, greenhouse...

CO2 Smoke and Monitor 2


Material Fire resistant ABS+LCD
Smoke sensor photoeletric smoke sensor
CO2 sensor NDIR CO2 sensor
Temperature measuring range 400-5000ppm±5%
Humidity measuring range -20°C-60°C ±2%
Co2 and smoke alarm 5%-95% ±5%
Smoke sensitivity 85dB (1-3M)
Battery capacity 0.1% db/m-0.3% db/m
Resolution 1400mAh
Storage temperature 1 PPM
Power supply -10 -60°C
Warm-up time Chargeable battery and 2M long USB
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Product weight 102mmx52mmx140mm
Customize 320g



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