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Desk mount CO2, temperature and humidity monitor
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The ED100 is an air quality monitor that detects Carbon dioxide(CO2), Temperature and Humidity. it combines sensors real-time monitoring of Carbon dioxide (CO2), temperature, and humidity on its display.


ED100 MINI CO2 Meter 06

ED100 MINI CO2 Meter 02






Micro CO2 meter, common screen display, CO2 detection using infrared [NDIR]  technology: . The temperature unit can be selected in Celsius or Fahrenheit.







24-hour real-time monitoring, detection range: CARBON dioxide [400-5000ppm]. Power supply :1000mah rechargeable lithium battery, including USB charging cable.

ED100 MINI CO2 Meter



ED100 MINI CO2 Meter 05
ED100 MINI CO2 Meter 07


Material ABS
Color Black
Product size 70*80*35mm
weight 150g
what are included  Main Unit+ manual+charging cable
Packing 20pcs/ctn
Carton size 540*260*400mm
G.W 10.5KG


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