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Automatic UV Disinfectant Robot for Hospital, Office, Restaurant etc
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UV Robot

The EC89 AV robot system generates an environment map automatically after the robot has arrived at the disinfection site and then traverses the site emitting UV light to kill microbial deposits on surfaces such as bacteria and viruses

Method of use :

  • Set up the robot's disinfection area
  • Set up no-kill zone, red line zone and restricted zone
  • Close the doors and windows, and set a warning sign with: under disinfection no entry
  • Start the disinfection program on the computer client
Disinfection method: UV light disinfection
Disinfection track: Arbitrary settings for PC
Size: L607×W536×H1178mm
UV light power: 450W
Disinfection speed: 30-50 sqm/min
Walking speed: Forward 2-40m/min, Spin-turn 1-25m/min
Disinfection coverage 99%
electric equipment anti-collision Vision+ultrasonic
Mechanical anti-collision Surrounding anti-collision
Brake hard Emergency stop switch
Batty type li-battery
Battery voltage / capacity 36V/30AH
Charging methods Charge offline or online
Networking Built-in wireless network card
Call method No call, active mission
others Hotel/restaurant automatic delivery
  • This Standard configuration does not include an online charger 

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