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1200W/1500W Spot Moving Head Light

High performance luminaire with two rotating gobo wheels, full CMY color mixing, effect wheel and a combined color and gobo wheel

Voltage: AC90V-260V, 50 Hz-60 Hz
Power consumption: 1450W/1750W
Light source: OSRAM HTI1200W/1500W
Control signal: DMX 512
Number of channels:24 CH
Carton size:405*490*750mm
Net weight: 37.5kg
GW: 42kg

Light source: OSRAM HTI 1200W/1500W

Total power;1450w/1750w

24 Channel


  • Stepping motor use of advanced three-phase motor drive , mainboard is driving control mode three-phase ;
  • OSRAM HTI 1200/1500 bubble from Germany, cold light reflection glass cup from Italy
  • Short optional lens CMY stepless mixed color system from Germany, new CTC pointlike comb the fractal structure design ,smooth gradient of mixed color feature and color temperature correction function(color temperature 3000k-7000k);
  • A fixed color wheel ,5 color and 3 fixed designed piece, unlimited mix colors with rainbow effect, can choose 7 color+ white light;2 canbe positioning ,and can rotate pattern plate, each pattern plate has 5 replaceable glass of design, design piece with built-in macro function ;1 effect wheel ,rotate the prism effect ,(rotary beam modeling or wide Angle lens) optional, gradient atomization function;
  • LED display panel .humanized English interface, self error diagnosis, every function internal record and intelligent correction system;
  • 0-100% linear mechanical dimmer, stroboscopic speed 1-10times/s,build-in frequency ShangHong function ;
  • Electronic power aperture 5-100% linear calibration beam size ,built-in aperture macro function;
  • Electronic linear zoom 10°-28°(42 °optional 0;focus2 meters to the infinite;
  • Level 540°,8 or 16 bit resolution ,built-in level macro function ,horizontally rotating speed is fast and accurate,360 degrees time of 2.97s;double motor design stable precise positioning , vertical 267°,8 or 16 bit resolution ,built-in vertical macro function , vertical rotating speed is smooth and accurate , 267 degrees time of 1.60s , double motor design stable precise positioning ,horizontal and vertical adopts photoelectric reset system, when just happen after the misoperation ,it can automatic retrieval and quickly and reset DMX512 signal receiving instructions ,overheating protection , 40° normal environment temperature can work ;
  • The second generation of switch power supply, power factor correction module with PFC;
  • Two levels of low frequency sine wave electronic ballast ,power factor 0.98,support saving mode ,the lamp bubble stability constant current, output without flash tremble;
  • When dimmers closed after 10s, automatic transfer energy saving mode, or all the CMY color piece of closed(black),the light bulb power consumption reduced by 40%,and extend the life of bulb.

Size: 405x490x750mm

 Net weight: 37.5kg

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