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EP23 Projector Mount - projector ceiling mount, close to ceiling mount and telescopic projector mounts up to 3m
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EP23 Projector MountEP23 Telescopic Projector Mount


The EP23 Projector Mount is a universal projector ceiling mount suitable for the installation of almost every data projector available except for single screw mount versions



Projector Mount supplied with a 1.8m pole designed to be cut to length on site

SKU : 0120023


EP23 Close to ceiling projector mount used where the projector needs to be installed as close to the ceiling as possible.

SKU Description
0120031 EP23 Close to Ceiling Projector Mount             
0120023 EP23 1.8 metre Ceiling Mount
0120032 EP23 2 metre projector mount

Projector Mount supplied with a tilting mechanism and security bolts which secures the projector to the ceiling bracket,(NB. security tether discontinued)

Maximum safe working load of 20kg.

Datasheet EP23

  EP23A Telescopic 2 partEP23B Telescopic 3 part

EP23 Telescopic Mount

Projector Mount supplied as a 2 part  telescopic mount up to 3 metre

SKU  Description
0120047 EP23 Telescopic 0.25 - 0.50 metre projector mount
0120043 EP23 Telescopic 0.43 - 0.65 metre projector mount
0120048 EP23 Telescopic 0.65 - 1.00 metre projector mount
0120046 EP23 Telescopic 0.75 - 1.25 metre projector mount
0120044 EP23 Telescopic 0.90 - 1.50 metre projector mount
0120049 EP23 Telescopic 1.65 - 3.00 metre projector mount


Supplied as a 3 part 3 metre telescopic version

SKU: 0120045

Optional split collar SKU : 0120041

Datasheet EP23 Telescopic projector mount