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A large range of cabinets with modules P2.5 resolution to P16 pixel pitch
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Edis LED outdoor cabinets use steel or cast aluminim frameworks, P55 weatherprofing, ventilation and heat dissipation and are supplied with modules to meet resolution and brightness needs of installation locations. Automatic light sensor and brighness control is available as needed for variable light conditions in shade or bright sunlight etc.

Standard outdoor modules for cabinets : dimensions 320x160mm with P2.5, P4, P5, P6, P8 and P10 pixel pitch plus P3 192x192mm and made to order modules up to P16 all with 5,000-6,000 nits brightness

Suitable for a variety of installation methods to meet the needs of different scenarios such as wall, structure, frame or hung. LED screen lamp beads are uniform, high brightness, low attenuation with long life.


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Perfect seamless zero gap visual stitching proving large screens with seamless picture quality and ultra wide Angle of view.






High refresh rates ensure no flicker or drag with excellent picture stability.

Outdoor LED Cabinets 06

Outdoor LED Cabinets09


Various installation methods, bottom bracket, floor mount and wall mount, hanging even upside down. Suitable for a large range of outdoor venues for events, advertising information at shopping venues, airports, railway and bus terminals and pickup stops, sports events stadiums and arenas, stage performances etc etc


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