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Interactive games for every type of projector installation with a wide range of Sportsm Activity and learning categories
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Interactive Games

We have more than 100 interactive games in the categories shown below. See the full list for each category as a pdf by clicking the download button.

Games are provided for FREE  when you buy out interactive projectors for wall, floor, table top etc and fully immersive multi-wall and floor.

We are creating new games all the time and can reconfigure existing games to meet your needs or create totally new games especially for you.

You can also upload other sources for games provided they use the TUIO protocol.

Sports Games

Explore the latest sports games, from soccer thrills to boxing and basketball skills. Along with a variety of ball games, there are also extreme sports and combat sports games. Find a top sporty title and get your head in the game!

Interactive Games 01

 Download a pdf of Interactive Sport Games here

Activity Games

Here is our list of the best interactive games for students.

Interactive games for students are fun activities and games in which students participate in groups. These games also offer a fun and hands-on learning experience. The purpose of these activities is to help students absorb educational material and make them feel comfortable in school.

This list includes:

  • interactive games for college students
  • interactive games for kids
  • interactive games for high school students
  • online interactive games for students

Interactive Games 02

Download a list of Interactive Activity Games here


Learning Games

These learning games are similar to online classroom activities and team building exercises. Two examples of these activities are vocabulary games and communication games.

  • interactive classroom games
  • interactive quiz games for students
  • Puzzle games
  • Language learning
  • Numbers and maths games

Interactive Games 03

Download a list of Interactive Learning Games here


Interactive Floor Games

Turn any area into a virtual indoor playground that allows multiple players to interact with colorful graphics and sounds projected onto the floor. The Edis Interactive Floor is a perfect exergame for child care, daycare, birthday party rooms, lobbies, and more

 Floor interactive projection list

Interactive floor projection software video list

Download a list of Floor interactive projection list here


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Interactive Wall Game (Android system)

 A new playful and energetic way for children to play together transforming any wall into a digital and immersive game area ! With the Kylii Kids interactive wall system, a simple wall becomes tactile through interactive video projection.

When a child touches the wall, an action occurs in the game. Children can discover, touch, play, marvel, and share a unique and amazing experience !
Their imagination is stimulated and their energy channeled.


Interactive Samsh Ball Wall Game ListAndroid system

Download a list of Interactive Samsh Ball Wall Game List(Android system)here


Fully Immersive Games

L shape 2



Floor & Wall interactive games

 Edis L series ibcreases leaning and play experience with a joind floor and wall experience.

L shape interactive game introduction

Download a list of L shape interactive game introduction here


L shape 2


Interactive books


Interactive projection book 03


L shape 2


Download a list of Flip book operation instruction here


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