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Desk mount CO2, temperature and humidity monitor with Alarm
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ED105 MINI CO2 Meter - Common screen display of CO2 levels using Infrared (NDIR) technology - Temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit -24 hour real-time monitoring.


ED105 06

ED105 01





CO2 detection range: 400-5000 PPM -CO2 alarm value :1000ppm, but this alarm value can be manually set by the user, from 800ppm-2000ppm as you like.






CO2 alarm switch function (if the user does not like the alarm they can turn it off), power supply :1600mah rechargeable lithium battery, including USB charging cable.

ED105 05


ED105 07





Product size 70*80*35MM
Weight 150g
what are included Main Unit+ manual+charging cable
Packing 40pcs/ctn
Carton size 540*260*400mm
G.W 10.5KG



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