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Home and Office Air Purifier 5 filters with UV
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Streamlined design assists efficient air capture with three-speed fan auto settings and time adjustment over 8 hours for auto-scheduled shutdowns. Brushless DC motor. 5 filters and UV that stops and kills 99% of covid virus


EC92 Electrostatic Air Purifier15



EC92 Electrostatic Air Purifier16






High-efficiency filtration of PM2.5, HEPA+activated carbon+silver ion filtration. Robust ABS casing. An  infrared PM2.5 probe displays the PM2.5 value in the air at any time, and the real-time temperature. Filter replacement is simple.

See this Daily Mail article showing test results etc






Ideal for anyone who has allergies or sensitivity to airborne particles.Regular filtration provides a clean-air environment for those who may be sensitive to certain types of pollution

EC92 Electrostatic Air Purifier17




EC92 Electrostatic Air Purifier18
EC92 Electrostatic Air Purifier19


Leeds University is carrying out a trial to see whether purifiers could be effective in schools for reducing Covid infections. Prof Mark Mon-Williams, the project leader, told The Mail on Sunday that air purifiers 'are effective in removing viral particles from the air, so we can be confident the systems will reduce Covid-19 virus circulation within the classroom'.

Prof Lewis says: 'If you have a respiratory condition such as asthma, or if you're sensitive to allergens, you might notice an immediate improvement in your symptoms through using an air purifier.'

Keep the air you breathe clean

Under normal use and maintenance, the life of HEPA filter can reach 3000~4000h. Ideal for anyone who is allergic or sensitive to airborne particles. Regular replacement can provide a clean air environment for those who may be sensitive to certain types of pollution. Make sure your air purifier is working well and can be used in office/bedroom/living room/hospital etc.


EC92 Electrostatic Air Purifier10

Model EC92
Rated voltage 110-120/220-240VAC
Rated frequency 50/60Hz
UV lamp Y
Humidification N
Remote control N
App control Y
Negative-ion generator Y
Rated Power 65W
CADR 410m³/h
Using area 40-55m²
Noise 35-65db
CFM capacity 175-300m³/h
N/W.: (kgs) 10KG
Product size (mm) 425*220*630mm
Carton size (mm) 470*255*675mm



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