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Full Solar power systems for business and home with all mounting and fixing accessories provided
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We have broadened our horizons with a new Solar Power Division to support customers with an effective reduction in Electrical Power costs. Electrical contractors and stockists can quickly take advantage of our sourcing skills to provide cost effective high quality solar power  solutions to satisfy their customers’ needs.


electricity price riseEffects of increased energy costs

Until recently, solar power for the office and home has not proved to be financially attractive because of high costs and long pay back periods. Now, energy costs are soaring and the cost of high efficiency solar panels is reducing. Lithium batteries have improved enormously and, consequently, the whole economic case for solar power has changed, making these systems very attractive.


Office and Warehouse Hybrid Systems

The hybrid system using a combination of PV panels and Lithium batteries is the perfect solution for offices and warehouses. It is well proven, very simple to install and housed in equipment racks including  Lithium batteries so that it takes up minimum space. As an example one of our customers recently asked us to help them to source a hybrid system that would stop them paying the enormous £3,000 per month electricity bill that they were paying for their relatively small offices and warehouse.

Our systems are not only designed to match the needs of your project but are also supplied complete with everything needed for installation including mounts, brackets, fixings and cabling etc.


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 Outdoor self contained units available for larger industrial premises

Commercial Hybrid systems are like one micro-grid power station , for offices , hospitals , schools or large houses , providing stable electrical power from renewable energy created by PV  (Solar Panels), in case of equipment failue , the system runs off grid or on grid mode and provides stable power for variable load conditions . Extra solar power can be sold to electricity companies or stored in the battery bank. 


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4k M1000 001





One-stop solar product solutions for the home are also available; one mobile phone to monitor and control the solar system. The data from the solar system is saved to a server, and displayed to users by mobile phones. Click here for more information about domestic Solar Systems


Installation Methods

Our Solar Power Solutions are supplied with all mounting and fixing accessories needed for installation. The different types of installation include  sloping or flat rooftops with tile, steel or asphalt and also ground based sytems. Full details are shown with the bracketry needed for each in the attached datasheet - Solar Mounting System Datasheet


Adjustable Angle 

Adjustable Triangular Solar Racking System is specially designed for easy installation of solar panel to tilt on flat roofs . The mounting system design provides a strong and sturdy support for panels , it can be a fixed angle or adjusted to 10~15 degree 15~30 degree or 30~60 degree as required. Using our innovatve rail and pre-assembled components like the tilt-in T module , clamp kit and pre-assembled tilt leg , The Tilt Solar Mount makes installation easy and quick saving time and effort.


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Ballasted mounting system

Our solar mounting system is an engineered solution which reduces the effects of wind on the PV panels. This design secures the array without damaging the flat roof surface by using ballast to weigh down the structure and so does not involve roof surface penetrations. Made of a light weight and strong aluminum construction, it is a  ballasted solution (concrete or bagged sand etc) which again saves installion time and labor costs.


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Tile roof mounting system

The tile roof solar mounting system has great design flexibility mainly used for residential roof installations, and uses aluminum alloy rails with stainless steel roof hooks to install the framework, suitable for framed and frameless panels flush or tilted to the pitched roof. Special extruded aluminum rail , pre-assembled clamps and varied roof hooks or brackets with tilt-in module ensure easy and quick installation .





 Steel Roof mounting system

With a variety of different roof brackets, our roof mounting systems meet trapezoid/corrugated metal roof and standing seam roof designs with or without penetrating the roof surface. 

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Asphalt shingle roofsolar mounting system

Asphalt shingle roof solar mounting system used for support solar panel direct onto asphalt shingle roof .Use simple tools to complete installation.Main parts are aluminum alloy 6063 material, surface treated anodizing. All bolts pre-assembled are stainless steel SUS304 material. Tapping screw which need to be drilled into asphalt shingle roof by L-feet holes, so we use carbon steel material with hot dip galvanized surface treatment. All mounting structure has 10- year warranty and 25-year service life.


Ground solar mounting systems
The Solar Ground Mount is designed for installation on an open field . Not only for residential , but also widely used for commercial projects . Strong and powerful structure , good appearance and lowest cost make this system popular all around the world .


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Ground Screw Structure
Ground Screw structure with features : convenient installation , low cost , suitable for large-scale photovoltaic power station . Ground Screw drilling into the earth , makes sure that the connection is firm , construction is convenient and easy to install. The main structure is HDG steel , with good appearance , strong structure and reliable.




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