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Edis Wiki now includes Harmonised Commodity Codes

We've added Harmonised Commodity Codes (Customs Codes) to more than 700 of our products on the Edis Wiki to help you with customs clearance. The Wiki has much more than just customs codes though with help and advice for distributors, resellers, installers and end-users. More than 45,000 visitors to the front page alone. Check out some of these links :

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Edis Launches Android Tablets for the Classroom

7  Android Tablet 10.1  Android Tablet

Edis 10.1" , 9.7", 9"and 7" Android Tablets in 4:3 and 16:9 formats for the classroom. Tailored to the needs of pupils in the interactive classroom - Edis tablets have all the features including WiFi - backed up by a full range of classroom accessories,. See more details of Edis Android Tablets here ...

How to select the right sound system - 8 different venues


Having difficulty deciding on the correct size amplifier and speaker system for your venue - here are some key tips to help you make the right decision.

Classroom or meeting room: 15 Watt per channel for 75 dB Sound Pressure Level (SPL) average in a normal 6m x 10m classroom or meeting room


Solution :

EA015/EA014/Edis Cube+/EA54,EA56 or EA52 soundbars (active speakers)
EA1128/EA35/EA1144 with E206, E75 Wall or E62 ceiling speakers


Medium sized hall

Folk music in a pub or coffee shop with 50 seats: 25 to 250 Watt

Folk music in a medium-size hall, pub,  club or house of Worship With 150 to 250 seats: 95 to 250 Watt  

Solution :
EA1153 with 2x or 4x E810 speakers


Medium sized hall - Major event

Folk music at a small outdoor festival (15 metres from speaker to audience): 250 Watt

Pop or jazz music in a medium-size hall. club or house of Worship with 150 to 250 seats: 250 to 750 Watt

Pop or jazz music in a 2000-seat concert hall: 400 to 1,200 Watt

Rock music in a medium-size hall, pub, club or house of Worship with 150 to 250 seats: At least 1,500 Watt

Rock music at a small outdoor festival (15 metres from speaker to audience): At least 1,000 to 3,000 Watt


The EA1168 covers the majority of medium sized hall events - with the option of much bigger (or an additional two ) amplifiers for the rock chicks !

APP Inventor - Relevant Real World Computing

App Inventor - use with Mini Android PCSchools can download and use this FREE App Inventor from Google and MIT to create Android Apps in the classroom. Checkout this article about Android App software for the classroom that can be used with our low cost mini Android PC.

Xorro-Q Voting System using Your Own Mobile


Xorro-Q from Edis - voting software without any special hardware. Xorro-Q enables an audience or class to interact with the presenter’s computer and any interactive display or white board, using their own mobile devices:  laptops, mobile phones, i-Pads or tablets. Teachers and presenters can send questions to participants' devices, who can vote and reply in text. No need for expensive, bulky and laborious hand held devices. Results are displayed for all to share. More ...

Genuine, Original or Compatible that is the Lamp Question

Projector LampWe have two types of lamp - "Edis Genuine lamps" with original (Philips/Osram etc) burners with injection moulded housings made in China and "Edis replacement lamps" Many websites have damning reports about so called compatible lamps which bear little resemblance to reality, and many of these sites sell "original" lamps assembled with housings made in China.

Nearly every compatible or so called "original" lamp made and sold as replacement lamps in China are made from original Philips/Osram lamps as they are readily available from Philips/Osram and are assembled by local factories. Some very well known sellers of "original" lamps buy their assembled lamps from the same factories as we do. We call these Edis "Genuine" lamps in the same way as they do.

There are hardly any independent manufacturers of lamp burners in China, the factory that makes ours is funded by the Chinese government who enticed optical technologists from  the USA to set up and manage the company with the very latest manufacturing equipment and expertise in their quest to fund high tech industry for their space programmes. This company sells lamps to projector manufacturers. Our "Edis Replacement Lamps" are made by this company - you can see graphs demonstrating the very high quality of these lamps on our website 

Compatible lamps ie lamp burners made in China assembled in Chinese made housings are extremely rare - the stories about them are somewhat wild, we've been unable to verify these stories and we suspect they are a ploy to restrict purchasing to those who sell only lamps with branded burners.

We believe that branded lamp makers are very reticent to lose the so called "original" lamp market since it represents to them what the printer cartridge represents to manufacturers of printers.

You won't notice any difference between our lamps or any other - except for the Edis branding on our boxes !

Touch Screen Cheaper than Projector Lamps

Touch Screen cheaper than replacement projector lampsThe cost of many replacement projector lamps is about the same as the first year lease payment for an Edis 55" Touch screen. The touch screen has no maintenance costs and will last 10 years or more but during the same 10 year period a user may need to buy another 5 replacement lamps for their projector !

So in reality a Touch Screen costs about the same or less than the replacement projector lamps

New EA87 2x 20 Watt Soundbar from Edis with Sub-Woofer option

Give your TV the sound it deserves, The EA87 Soundbar can be mounted above or below a TouchScreen, computer monitor or under a television or home theater screen. Complete with stand and wall mounts. EA57 2x 20 watt SoundBar details here

EA87 2x20 watt SoundBar with 40 Watt Sub-Woofer Option