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Targeted Enquiries from Edis Supplier Wall

Don't forget that you can get targeted enquiries by joining our supplier wall. This offer is open to sellers of our products and also Audio Visual Installers who may or not be selling our products right now . Contact us here to have your Logo and weblink added.

Edis Touch Screen Demonstration Kit in the UK now

Demonstation kit of our Touch Screens, lifts and stands including a flight case with lift are now in the UK. Get in touch with Tony Mercer on +44 77956 35882 to arrange viewings etc The demonstration unit is in a flight case with a lift that only takes a few seconds to raise the screen and plug in a laptop - then it's Plug and Go  - very easy to setup. Ideal kit to take to demonstrate to schools and other customers. Please contact Tony Mercer here for more information or to arrange a demonstration etc

Remote Control Module for EA015 Active Speakers

Remote Control Module for EA015 Wall Mounted Active SpeakersRemote Control with Volume control and On/Off switch for EA015 Wall Mounted Active Speakers, Edis Cube and Edis Cube+ active speakers

This "Snap-in" remote control fits into the Fast-install faceplate. Simply cut off the wired remote control supplied with the active speakers and reterminate the wires in the module. Details here

Save a small fortune with Edis outsourced web services

SEO and Link building are key to internet marketing success for any business. EdisAV has a very active team  involved in link building, e-mail marketing, website creation and search engine optimisation. We will very soon be providing low cost outsourcing of these services to schools and resellers of our products. Please contact us if you are looking for ways to increase your business and web traffic on the internet without paying a small fortune

Meet Tony at ISE in Amsterdam

Tony Mercer - EdisAV Sales Director will be at the ISE exhibition next week in Amsterdam - call him on 07795 635 882 to meet up.

Touchscreens Primed to Oust the Whiteboard

Multi-touch touchscreens will soon take over from interactive whiteboards in the classroom as their enhanced learning features and lower prices make them the first choice for both new installs and replacements for life expired projector systems.

Edis Touch Screen MultiEdis Multi-touch Interactive Touchscreens are brighter, tougher and now lower cost than most whiteboard systems. Using direct finger touch they have the function, feel and touch of an iPad – no need for a special pen or stylus, though the pen provided increases the accuracy and makes drawing a real snip.

No need for a projector, with it's expensive cables and power socket, which casts shadows on the screen as students approach and shines its light into the eyes of anyone at the front of the classroom. Touchscreens operate well in bright light conditions unlike the projector systems which suffer from stray external light sources.

The Edis “key-slot” wall mounting system is so easy-to-use and time saving for installers, and with built-in classroom standard speakers there is no need for any extra cabling or power for the sound system. But beware of low output 10 watt systems that are fine for TVs at home but not suited to classroom conditions and sound levels for teaching.

On top of these benefits, with the Edis Mobile Electric Touchscreen Lift it becomes a fully height-adjustable presentation trolley that can be wheeled from room to room, making it accessible throughout your school for pupils of all heights, ages and abilities. Including those in wheelchairs.

Edios Mobile Touchscreen liftThe Touchscreen lift, without trolley, mounted against the wall becomes a fixed classroom system taking up less space with all the other benefits of the mobile unit. We even have a touchscreen and lift fitted into a flight case for transporting to outdoor events and exhibitions.

Best of all, the Touchscreen is now cheaper than many interactive whiteboard options AND does not have the ongoing maintenance costs and inconvenience of projector bulb replacement. The three year warranty makes for peace of mind that this new technology is classroom-tough.

Edis touchscreens are made of extra thick 5mm toughened, anti-glare glass so it's very easy to wipe clean and extremely well suited for the classroom environment.

How does it work? Just plug in your Windows PC/laptop or Mac and run any of your favourite touchscreen or interactive whiteboard software, browsers and video media. This product is free of vendor software limitations.

You can use it with an iPad. In fact, not only do these Touchscreens function like “giant iPads on speed” you can connect your iPad to them using cable or wireless. Just plug your iPad 2 in using an HDMI cable and all apps installed on the iPad will be available on the big touchscreen allowing collaborative group activities not possible on the smaller iPad screen. Even better, you can project wirelessly to the LCD touchscreen allowing freedom of movement around the classroom for both the teacher and the iPad being projected. All you need to make this happen is to connect through WiFi set up on yur computer or purchase an Apple TV unit, an HDMI cable and have access to a WiFi connection. Like Magic … well almost!

Transform the way that pupils learn. Pupils will become more attentive, more communicative, and engaged. The interactive learning activities woven into lessons, create true technology integration and enhanced learning experiences using a very familiar touch interface.

Touchscreens create a 'natural way' for pupils to use computers in class. The system encourages collaboration between pupils and teachers, and is a move away from teacher-centric learning.

A boon to installers and a lower cost option suited to tight school budgets, with teacher progression to engaged learning for pupils.

Two Electric Touchscreen Lifts from Edis

The Edis Mobile Touchscreen lift together with our static LCD lift completes our comprehensive range of lifts, stand and mounts for interactive touch screens. The fully adjustable mobile lift is ideal for the classroom and is suitable for adults, wheelchair users or pupils

Edis Mobile Touchscreen LiftEdis Static Touchscreen Lift

Happy Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year from EDisAV

Wishing you Health, Wealth and Happiness in the Year of the Dragon

"The year of the dragon is an interesting one as whilst other years might drag on, the Year of the Dragon has the potency to breathe life-shaping fire, to be magical, and mythical … it's a very powerful and auspicious sign.''

So here's hoping for a better year for us all in 2012