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Chinese exports remain strong despite rising costs

China’s vast export sector has been battered on several fronts recently according to the Los Angeles Times. Demand from foreign customers has slowed. The Renminbi is strengthening, making Chinese goods more expensive. Hourly wages are rising with additional pressure resulting from headlines about poor working conditions at Foxconn, the massive assembler of Apple tablets and phones.

Despite this, China has strengthened its position in the global supply chain. Already the world’s largest exporter, China’s share of global exports expanded during the recent global downturn, increasing to 10.7 per cent last year from about 9 per cent in 2008. When times are hard lower cost goods have a greater edge.

Economists say the slowdown may continue depending on how the European debt crisis develops, and the results of the central government’s two-year campaign to deflate the nation’s property bubble.

“China is offsetting the head winds because it keeps capturing more market share,” said Louis Kuijs, an economist at the Fung Global Institute in Hong Kong. “Yes, labour is becoming more expensive over time, but it’s still much cheaper than the U.S. or Europe. The ratio of price to quality is still far more favourable for production in China.”

Prices for Chinese exports have risen 21 per cent since 2005, but less than the 32 per cent increase on goods from India and 33 per cent rise on exports from Mexico in the same period.

China’s growing rate of imports, has been rising faster than exports since the 2008 financial crisis because of the country’s explosive construction demand.

UK Banks to offer NLGS backed loans to SMEs from 20th March

Some good news for cash strapped SMEs

The Chancellor will tomorrow confirm that Barclays, Lloyds Banking Group, Santander UK, and Royal Bank of Scotland have signed up to the government's National Loan Guarantee Scheme (NLGS), which will provide cheaper lending to businesses with a turnover of up to £50m.

Small and medium-sized businesses will from tomorrow morning be offered loans at 1 percentage point below these banks' standard lending rates, with about £5bn of government-guaranteed borrowing being made available in the first tranche.

Barclays and RBS are expected to be the biggest users of the scheme to issue £1.5bn each of government-backed bonds to provide the cheap loans to small businesses. Lloyds is likely to provide about £1bn of loans and Santander less than £500m.

Edis offers Virtual Learning Cloud

Edis now provides an outsourcing service for school websites and virtual learning environments. We provide Moodle VLE with web hosting which is integrated into school websites. See more details of Moodle VLE here

Targeted Enquiries from Edis Supplier Wall

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Edis Touch Screen Demonstration Kit in the UK now

Demonstation kit of our Touch Screens, lifts and stands including a flight case with lift are now in the UK. Get in touch with Tony Mercer on +44 77956 35882 to arrange viewings etc The demonstration unit is in a flight case with a lift that only takes a few seconds to raise the screen and plug in a laptop - then it's Plug and Go  - very easy to setup. Ideal kit to take to demonstrate to schools and other customers. Please contact Tony Mercer here for more information or to arrange a demonstration etc

Remote Control Module for EA015 Active Speakers

Remote Control Module for EA015 Wall Mounted Active SpeakersRemote Control with Volume control and On/Off switch for EA015 Wall Mounted Active Speakers, Edis Cube and Edis Cube+ active speakers

This "Snap-in" remote control fits into the Fast-install faceplate. Simply cut off the wired remote control supplied with the active speakers and reterminate the wires in the module. Details here

Save a small fortune with Edis outsourced web services

SEO and Link building are key to internet marketing success for any business. EdisAV has a very active team  involved in link building, e-mail marketing, website creation and search engine optimisation. We will very soon be providing low cost outsourcing of these services to schools and resellers of our products. Please contact us if you are looking for ways to increase your business and web traffic on the internet without paying a small fortune

Meet Tony at ISE in Amsterdam

Tony Mercer - EdisAV Sales Director will be at the ISE exhibition next week in Amsterdam - call him on 07795 635 882 to meet up.