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UK School spending per pupil increased

Every secondary school will be told to spend at least £5,000 per pupil annually, while for primaries the limit will be £3,750 – rising to £4,000 next year according to this Daily Mail article   which is brillant news for all those involved in supplying the education market

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Extenders, Convertors, Switchers, Splitters

New products

Full range of HDMI, VGA, USB, KVM, Media Streaming, Extenders, Convertors, Switchers, Splitters and all the cables or WiFi needed to connect them

400+ Product Lines Added to our Range of Products in the UK

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We've just added 400+ product lines to the range of  AV, IT, ICT, Datacomms and cable products available direct from our UK sales and logistics centre in Crewe including the following categories :

  • Active speakers – including Sound bars and wall mounted active speakers from 40 watt to 80 watt
  • Cable kits, cable boxes and cable sets
  • Portable Speaker Amplifiers 40 watt and 360 watt
  • Projector ceiling and short throw wall mounts
  • LCD wall, ceiling and desk mounts
  • VGA, HDMI splitters, extenders and convertors etc
  • Wireless and WiFi equipment
  • Cables including : Audio, VGA, HDMI, Optical, Data, USB
  • Cable adaptors for HDMI, VGA and gender benders etc
  • Patch panels

We are looking forward to adding more and more products as we grow our presence in the UK to service our customers in the UK, Europe and Worldwide

Edis AV Ltd is fast becoming your one stop shop for Audio Visual and IT products in the UK

10% Price Reduction for School's Half Term

We are offering UK resellers and installers a special 10% off our trade Price List for Half Term so you can buy direct from Edis AV with next day delivery from our UK sales and logistics centre in Crewe, Cheshire.

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EA35 In-wall Stereo Amplifier with Speakers


The EA35 In-wall classroom amplifier, meeting room and single room system is a versatile 30 Watt full stereo amplifier with 15 watts RMS (26 Watts max) per channel 

The EA35 In-wall classroom amplifier is supplied as a stand alone amplifier dual gang with internal power supply

The EA35 In-wall classroom amplifier is suitable for use with  2 front mounted E75 speakers (or 4 ceiling mounted speakers like the E62)


 A full 30 Watt stereo In-wall amplifier in a dual gang wall mounted back box

  • The Class D digital amplifier and switching power supply uses minimal power and low heat dissipation making it ideal for in-wall applications
  • Two mini jack inputs on the front panel and single connection at rear
  • PC input - for computer connection
  • Input for other devices including microphone (suitable for sound reinforcement systems)
  • Switched input selector balanced for
  • Microphone (Wireless or Infrared)
  • MP3 player
  • Aux - line input for DVD player etc
  • Speaker outputs are screw terminal at the rear of the unit inside the back box so that wiring is concealed inside trunking.
  • DC Power via an internal power supply 100-240v AC
  • Wall mounted or ceiling mounted speakersavailable 


On pink noise test the EA35 using our E75 speakers had very impressive, sound pressure output levels (SPL)

PC input:     94 dBA
Mic Input :  98 dBA at 3/4 volume
MP3 input:  98 dBA
Aux input:   80 dBA

The mic input has a 5mV sensitivity whilst the Aux has 600mV so this amazing amplifier has an enormous dynamic range.  Users can choose an input socket and switch setting to suit almost any source of input

Dimensions : Dual Ganf Faceplate 146x86 mm

Amplifier depth 45mm Back box depth internal 46mm external 51mm

Overcome the Poor Quality Sound of Classroom Touchscreens

See our article here why normal classroom touchscreens suffer from 3 major design failings that create poor quality sound in a classroom setting and how a well designed soundbar recovers the situation at low cost 

  • the speakers in a Touchscreen are usually too small,
  • the amplifier power is often only 7 to 12 watts per channel
  • and the small eliptical speakers don't face the front so that 80% of the sound energy and about half the volume is lost in the touchscreen casing  and since speakers are directional the sound travels sideways it's very important that the speakers point to the front towards the audience.

The Edis EA125 Classroom Soundbar is designed to overcome the poor audio quality of many touchscreens so that every pupil in a class can hear clearly and improve their learning abilities 

The EA125 Soundbar is a High performance, Low cost, 40 watt Soundbar with an amazing 105 dBA output for Classrooms, Meeting rooms or any application to boost sound levels for a touchscreen, monitor or TV with Bluetooth, FM Radio, SD Card, USB, and 2x mini Jack inputs, IR remote control with Volume, Bass and Treble and manual controls for media player.

Complete with wall mounting brackets and input cable for easy installtion with only 2x screws

Other Great Benefits

  • Easy to install with just two screws - Low cost DIY solution
  • The EA125 Soundbar includes Bluetooth player, FM Radio, USB and SD Card input in addition to normal audio 3.5mm mini Jack connection - so you can send music from a mobile phone, connect to Radio programmes, use a USB drive to play content or connect to a PC or other audio source using cable
  • Play music or lesson content direct from an iPhone or smartphone, PC, Laptop or tablet. Supplied with Remote control, Aux Mini Jack-Mini jack input cable and wall brackets RCA- Mini Jack cable for connection to a PC, mobile or other inputs

Designed with classroom safe steel grilles and wall mounts - steel grilles are supplied as normal for classroom use as added protection from damage by pupils Click here for full specification 


EA015 40 Watt & 80 Watt Available in October - Ex Stock in China

The products below are available direct from our Factory Stock in China during October

EA015  80 Watt Classroom Active Speaker with Bluetooth, Volume Bass & Treble controls, IR remote control and 'C' Bracket adjustable wall mount

SKU: 0110015 80 UK IR C BT

EA015  40 Watt Classroom Active Speaker IR remote control, regular wall mount

SKU: 0110015 40 EU IR

EA015  40 Watt Classroom Active Speaker wired remote control, regular wall mount

SKU : 0110015 40 EU W